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This isn’t a revolution. It’s a mess.

Richard Boyd-Barrett says it’s a political earthquake. He made the claim having just been elected to the new Dáil in the Dun Laoghaire constituency, a constituency which saw the combined vote for centre-right parties rise from 28,223 in 2011 to … Continue reading

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The sad tale of Roberto Mussi and the Labour Party

In his hometown of Massa, Roberto Mussi is still viewed with hatred and derision. People spit on him when he walks by. Shopkeepers refuse to serve him, and little children cry when his name is mentioned. Mussi played right-back for … Continue reading

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Let’s not pretend the 1916 Rising was about water charges or smashing the patriarchy

Which moment of the 1916 Rising will you most celebrate: the bit when The O’Rahilly charged down Moore Street shouting about Irish Water, or the bit when Padraig Pearse used his last breath to berate the British for the lack … Continue reading

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Let’s stay together: Why can’t Irish people just get along?

The Irish are predispositioned to splitting up, especially when it comes to politics. Why can’t we just get along? Continue reading

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Turning vegetarian to save the humans

As long as we model our engagement with the planet on Oliver Reed’s relationship with his liver, our prospects for survival are not good. Continue reading

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The sport that dare not speak its name: The curious history of the League of Ireland

This weekend sees the resumption of one of Ireland’s most curious seasonal events. Across the country people will gather at various locations to scream and shout at institutions whose foundations pre-date the State. If the kick-off of the 2015 League … Continue reading

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A mistaken coincidence: the curious case of the would-be politician and the modern art museum

Not since a sculptor forgot a key part of Claudius’ anatomy has the art world so seriously threatened the reputation of a political leader. The scandal began – and this is the first time in the history of written language … Continue reading

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